The Devachan Salon

When the first Devachan Salon opened in November 1994 in New York City to help curly girls and guys embrace their natural curls, the curly salon concept was an instant hit. With their expanding clientele, Devachan moved to the upscale Soho neighborhood 7 years later. A second SoHo location was opened in 2006, and in 2009, a third location opened in White Plains, NY. In April 2012, the first west coast Devachan Salon location was opened in Culver City, California.

At Devachan, curl care consultants and hydration specialists use patented Deva methods including the Deva 3-Step system to cleanse, hydrate and define curls. The salon is known for its innovative Deva Cutting technique where hair is cut dry, curl-by-curl to preserve its natural shape. Pintura highlighting is the company’s award-winning hair painting technique. Color is artistically applied to emphasize those curls that most beautifully reflect light. The result is a customized, three-dimensional design that achieves harmony and balance.

The DevaCurl Academy, New York City, NY and Culver City, CA
A destination for progressive stylists who want to service curly clientele, the DevaCurl Academy trains hundreds of hair care professionals throughout the year. Here, stylists learn the cutting, highlighting, cleansing and styling techniques perfect for the naturally textured client. Stylists also receive detailed instruction regarding the DevaCurl professional line of products and tools. To purchase DevaCurl products, click here. For a directory of Deva-trained professional stylists in your region, use the Salon Finder, located here.

devachan salon devachan salon devachan salon devachan salon

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