The DevaCurl Academy

Professional Curl Training at the DevaCurl Academy

A premier education facility for stylists who want to service the curly clientele, the DevaCurl Academy trains hundreds of hair care professionals throughout the year wanting to achieve the Deva Inspired Stylist or the Deva Inspired Advanced Stylists designations. Here, progressive stylists learn to master the art of caring for curly hair from the most basic principles to the most advanced cutting, highlighting and styling techniques targeted specifically for all natural curl types. Participants experience a unique opportunity facilitated by some of the most creative trainers in the country and discover what has made DevaCurl the innovative curl care leader in the professional beauty industry.

Setting the Standard of Excellence for Curly Hair: The Deva Inspired Stylist

The Deva Inspired Stylist designation is only awarded to those having successfully completed the DevaCurl Academy’s Cutting Curl Lab and the Pintura Highlighting Lab. Newly trained stylists leave the DevaCurl Academy having perfected the patented Deva Cut and the industry award-winning Pintura coloring technique. The stylist’s instruction includes theory-based education and hands-on technical work with volunteer curly models and mannequins.

Stylists Interested in Enrollment

To learn more about upcoming DevaCurl Academy courses in New York City and Los Angeles, dates and costs, log onto the Stylist Page (you must be a licensed Stylist). Register Here

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With DevaCurl, curly hair is not a trend…it’s a lifestyle!

I have had a good handful of Hairstylists contact me (phone, email & Facebook) to ask if it is worth the money (flight, hotel & cost of training) to go to NYC and attend the training at Deva. My answer: IT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE!  I could fill up this page with reasons and proof of how Deva has changed my life (along with Curly Girl).  Changing lives one curl at a time - we need more stylists to impact the industry we are in.

Scott Musgrave

After the DevaCurl training, I gave a client waterfall cut. Her corkscrew curls were very long and severely dehydrated. Though she’d never before received a dry cut, by the end of our time together, she told me I changed her life!

Elisa Venezia

Thank you all for helping me better my skills. Since the DevaCurl Academy 3-day course, I have stayed true to the Deva cutting method. I had a big moment in the salon this week when I gave my first $200.00 Deva Cut. The client and her hair were amazing!

Lynne daSilva

Thank you from the bottom of heart. Because of the DevaCurl training, I’ve found what I was looking for in my career – an opportunity for the client to love their natural texture with an easy way to style at home and a maintenance routine to keep their curls healthy. ACHIEVED!

Larry Bragg

Thank you for the training I received at the 3-day curl course. As a result, my business and understanding of curly hair has grown exponentially. I love being Deva inspired!

Samantha Ploetz

Academy Highlights
The Deva Cut

The Deva cutting technique is a uniquely different and proven method for curl cutting. The Deva Cut is performed using only a scissor and nothing else. Stylists are trained to cut hair in a precise manner that preserves the integrity of each curl. Hair is cut dry, in its natural form, curl by curl.

Pintura Highlighting

Innovative and in demand, Pintura is the DevaCurl Academy’s award-winning hair painting technique. Pintura replaces the need for conventional foil highlighting. Stylists are taught to apply hair color using the patented Deva Combrush to capture the hair’s movement and texture while emphasizing light and tone. The final result is a three-dimensional work of curl art that achieves perfect color, harmony and balance.

The Deva Inspired Advanced Stylist

When stylists attend and complete the advanced 3-Day Professional Curl Course, they leave a Deva Inspired Advanced Stylist. During these three days of immersion training, stylists learn the Deva philosophy and its approach.

Instruction begins with the foundation and basic principles of caring for curly hair, and extends to the most progressive curl cutting, coloring and styling techniques for all natural hair types. Attendees learn the more advanced Deva cutting and Pintura Highlighting techniques. The course concludes with a motivational session designed to empower Deva Inspired Advanced Stylists to perfect their new skills develop a targeted, more profitable salon business.

Deva Inspired Stylists and Deva Inspired Advanced Stylists who actively promote curl care and retail the DevaCurl products are automatically added to the DevaCurl national database of participating Curly Stylists, and receive ongoing client referrals.

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