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Identifying your curl type is finding your true curl potential for a healthy curly hair lifestyle!

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S'wavy Curls

You know you have s'wavy curls if you have:

  • Hair that seems straight but could be encouraged to wave
  • A natural shine
  • A slight bend at the ends of your hair depending on the length
  • Hair that holds its shape when layered
  • Curls that fall vertically
  • A low to no frizz factor
  • A spring factor of 1 to 2 inches- (natural curl to curl pulled to it's full length

Embracing your curls begins with Deva 3-Step: Cleanse. Hydrate. Define. No matter what your curl type is, whether s'wavy, wavy, botticelli or corkscrew, doing the Deva 3-Step will reveal naturally gorgeous, frizz free curls.

STEP 1: DevaCurl No-Poo or Low-Poo OR DevaCare No-Poo or Low-Poo
STEP 2: DevaCurl One Condition or DevaCare One Condition
STEP 3: DevaCurl Ultra Defining Gel or DevaCare Arc AnGEL

If you have s'wavy curls, your styling priority is Definition. S'wavy curl types tend to need additional wave and curl definition, curl retention and hold. To make definition a top priority, use one or a combination of the following:

Set Up & Above Versatile Styler
B’Leave-In Curl Boost and Volumizer
Mist-er Right Lavender Curl Revitalizer
No-Comb Detangling Spray
Frizz-Free Volumizing Foam
Spray Gel Curl Enhancing Gel
Heaven In Hair Intense Moisture Treatment
Flexible-Hold Hair Spray

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