Curly Lifestyle : Curly Hair Gallery

Curly girls love to brag about their curl transformations! Over the years, we have captured a number of Curly Girl “Before” and “After” photos*.

Scroll through the DevaCurl Hair Gallery to see how DevaCurl products have helped transform curly hair of all textures and curl types. To view the images, click on one of four curl types: Corkscrew, Botticelli, Wavy and S’wavy. There's more coming soon, so keep checking back for new photos and enhanced viewing features.

*All photos are guaranteed authentic and have not been retouched
Devachan Featuring Lorraine Massey
Styling: DevaCurl Dryer and DevaFuser
Deva 3-Step Stylists Introduction
How to Cut Curly Hair
DevaCurl Advanced Clipping Techniques
Do the Deva 3-Step
Styling Tips - 3
Getting started with Corkscrew Curls