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“Free your hair, and the rest will follow.”

“I often have the fantasy that curly girls are mermaids who have had to adapt to life on dry land. We come from the sea. The ocean is in our blood. It sings through our heart and lungs, our skin and hair. Our curls require the nourishment only a watery environment can provide. Both ocean waves and curly hair are forces of nature that can't be tamed. We can only accept and admire their power and beauty.”

“Curly hair is a fact. It’s not something that’s going to go away. The more you try to ignore it, the worse it’s going to get.”

“Remember: You are not washing laundry here. You are cleansing the most beautiful, priceless fabric in this entire world. Also your hair is visual. It is already looking better in this seemingly unconventional way. Your hair speaks for itself. Remember your scalp is an extension of your facial skin.”

“Where there’s a Wave, There’s a Curl.”

“When I was young, people used to ask me if my curls were a permanent. I would say, ‘Yes, they are permanent – for life.’”

“Accepting my curls is Zen: Every day is a new day.”

“Curl your enthusiasm!”

“Frizz is just a Curl waiting to happen!”

“The weather will not change for you, you must change your perspective.”

“The runway shows say Curls are back. We say they never left!”

“There's a U in cUrl & there's a cUrl in U.”

“Whatever Curly type you are, be a Deva'lishious one.”

“With every stray frizz, there is a curl trying to come together.”

“It takes courage to Curl-up to be who you really are.”

“Curls that lay together stay together.”

“You will never get a'head of your Curls if you are always trying to get 'even' with them.”

“Well conditioned hair gathers no frizz.”

“Don't comprise your curls, they’re all you've got.”

“Curl love & happiness can exist only in accepting them.”

“Curls, like beauty come in all shapes & sizes.”

“Having curls & not acknowledging them, is like looking for your spectacles & you are wearing them.”

“People who fight their Curls with a blowfryer, usually end up burned!”

“The Curls are greener on the Deva side.”

-- Lorraine Massey, author, Curly Girl: The Handbook

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