Deva Clipping: Take Curls to New Heights!

Curls – especially those at the crown – have a tendency to dry flat at the scalp. Wet curls are heavier and are naturally inclined to pull hair downward. Clipping curls at the crown using a Deva Clipping technique can prevent a curly style from falling flat and create a more defined, consistent curl pattern from roots to end. View Deva Clipping techniques in motion and buy DevaClips.

Deva Clipping Techniques | Clipping Video

(To learn about each clipping technique, click on technique below.)

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Features + Benefits

Provides Maximum Root Lift. Larger and wider clips give curls an instant boost.

Fast and Easy to Use. Fewer clips needed due to unique design.

Optimum Hold. Works for even the finest curls; will not slip while styling.

Enhances All Curl Types. Adds volume and fullness tohair with any texture.

Curly Clip Tips

To create a greater lift, add DevaCurl Light Defining Gel, DevaCurl Ultra Defining Gel or DevaCare Arc AnGEL directly to the clips before placing in the hair.

To frame curls toward the face, place clips in a flat position along the forehead.

To elevate curls off the face, place a DevaClip from underneath at the scalp and secure the clip away from the face. Release clip tension lifting curls away from the face.

To create the illusion of longer curls, anchor each curl with a DevaClip at the end. The clips add weight to lengthen for a longer, looser curl!

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