Curly Stylist Finder

Establishing A Curly Foundation
DevaCurl products are inspiring curly girls and guys throughout the country to accept their curls, understand their curls, embrace their curls and live a curly lifestyle. The DevaCurl curl care collection is the important first step toward embracing your natural curls and waves. Finding a stylist to carefully tend to your curls is the next move. There is an art to cutting and coloring curly hair but unfortunately, many stylists lack the proper training.

Finding Your Deva Inspired Stylist
Your search for a Deva Inspired Stylist is an important step toward learning and living the DevaCurl lifestyle. The Stylist Finder includes only professional stylists who attended DevaCurl training to learn the Deva 3-Step, Deva Cutting technique and/or Deva Pintura Highlighting method.

DevaCurl workshops serve as supplementary training for stylists to advance their existing knowledge base. It is our goal that all participating stylists adopt the Deva philosophy and flawlessly execute the Deva techniques. However, beyond our workshops we cannot control the stylist’s quality and performance. A Deva Inspired Stylist is not licensed nor certified by DevaCurl.  Stylists are licensed by the state board in the state they currently reside.

Visit our gallery of curly hair transformations to see the DevaCurl difference.

Know Before You Book and Go
Prior to booking an appointment for a curly cut, ask the stylist or salon owner the following questions:

1. Is the stylist skilled at cutting curly hair?
2. Does the stylist cut curly hair while it’s dry?
3. Will the stylist see me for a consultation before a curly cut?
4. Does the salon offer hooded dryers and diffusers as an alternative to blow drying wet hair?
5. What products does the salon use?

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