Curly hair needs extra moisture to stay hydrated and frizz free. Our universal conditioner, DevaCurl One Condition, contains healthy ingredients that won’t weigh hair down. Most curl types will benefit from a small amount of DevaCurl One Condition left in after rinsing. Curly girls with a high frizz factor and thick curls can skip the rinse and just squeeze out the excess water.  Curls will naturally absorb the conditioner it needs, and release what it does not. To achieve maximum hydration, we suggest these conditioning tips:

  • Use a generous palmful of DevaCurl One Condition
  • Glide conditioner downward through the hair with your fingers
  • Squeeze hair in an upward motion toward the scalp
  • Listen for a squishy sound which means hydration penetration has been achieved

See our Expert Tips section for more conditioning ideas. For conditioning instructions tips by curl type, purchase Curly Girl: The Handbook

DevaCurl One Condition
DevaCurl Heaven In Hair
DevaCare One Condition


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