DevaCurl Styling Products to Provide the Highest Curl Definition                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         If you have s’wavy or wavy curls, your styling priority is Definition.
S’wavy and wavy curl types tend to need additional wave and curl definition, curl retention and hold. To make definition a top priority, begin with the Deva 3-Step and use one or a combination of the following:

Set Up & Above™


DevaCurl Styling Products for Maximum Curl Hydration
If you have botticelli or corkscrew curls, your styling priority is Hydration. Botticelli and corkscrew curl types tend to need additional moisture, conditioning and frizz control. To make hydration a priority, begin with the Deva 3-Step and use one or more of the following DevaCurl styling products:

Set It Free™


Styling Cream
DevaCurl Styling Products for All Curl Types
No matter what your curl type is, whether s’wavy, wavy, botticelli or corkscrew, DevaCurl Styling products promote naturally gorgeous, frizz free curls. To create a curl care lifestyle regimen that works uniquely for you, get to know the individual DevaCurl styling products:

Frizz-Free Volumizing Foam

Heaven In Hair™

Spray Gel

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